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    Portable ipod speakers docking station I need open an IMT702. Shop Factory Renewed Bose products and prior series products. In use, the i-Fusion speakers sound really great for such a compact kit. Logic3 includes its own mini-USB to USB cables, as well as mini-FireWire to FireWire cables. Since the docking station is fairly large, I have seen it get knocked over a few times. The Electronic Media Port, as an example, is exactly what Sony usually proposes for all its audio movie inputs. Wanting to keep the music to yourself? But all in all, an amazing product. Live on SONIC IMPACT!!!! Just got my replaced. Rated 5 out of 5 by Alan Mattano from Sound is incredible. The link is located at the top of this page. Comments about Bose Speakers - SoundDock - iPod Docking Station: Bose has always been my favorite. And yet the i-Station is truly portable, running off of four AA batteries or AC power, and collapsing into a flat backpack-friendly package roughly the same size as a portable ipod speakers docking station book. It is quite expensive to pay for, but the sound quality is definitely worth it. The only thing I would have liked to have seen included, that was left out, would be some kind of remote control. Please enter a valid email address. For home-theater-quality sound, look for Bose iPod speakers, designed to deliver the highest quality sound from the miniscule device. Remove silver side trim via 4 hex screws. Cookies are small pieces of information stored securely on your computer. However, when the i-Station was turned up to higher volumes, its superior bass capability kicked in, producing a richer sound. Logic3 includes a stereo audio cable for this purpose in each box, and you can use non-iPod devices with the speakers, as well. Portable ipod speakers docking station Has anyone bought a new battery and if so, where can i purchase one. Where can this item, Sonic Impact i-Fusion Rechargeable Portable iPod Speaker System be purchased. Included with the i-Fusion is a short 3. I plugged it to my computer but dont hear anything. Comments about Bose Speakers - SoundDock - iPod Docking Station: one of the better sounding standalone speaker docks for iPods.

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